"It will put on which KIMONO to which place around when…"

Itsometimes worries about this problem rather than the beginner, too.

It isimportant to choose the level of the attire ("Kaku") according to thedestination. The level "Kaku".

becomes the standard of the kind of theclothing such as the "Houmongi" "Komon".

But, "Kaku" isn't decidedonly in the kind of the clothing.

The pattern, the coordinates and themanufacturing method, too, concern roughly. .

Please, consult the followingtable and choose the Kimono which was fitted to your lifestyle. .

Then, bythe dress which utilized your sense, enjoyKimono.

The kind of the Kimono

UCHIKAKE It is wedding dress of kimono. So, the pattern to augur well inthe bold design.
TOMESODE It is Most formal wear for married women. For example, it uses for weddingof the family,and by your conferral ceremony.
FURISODE It is Most formal wear for unmarried women.
HOUMONGI It is formal wear. The meaning of the word, the "Houmongi" is visitingdress.
TSUKESAGE This is used in the implication which is the same as the visiting dressalmost.
IROMUJI This is semi formal kimono. This is solid color and is made. It is liked inthe tea ceremony because it is a simple atmosphere.
KOMON It is standard and fashionable design Kimono. It is made in the typedyeing and there are a lot of kinds. So, it liked as the town wear.
TSUMUGI Most of Tsumugi are woven with the even now traditional loom.
Before,aJapanese were fond of the Tsumugi, As the casual wear and doing the fashionablewhich can have been mumbling, from the "Samurai" warrior to the farmer.
Intoday, a lot of persons are fond of doing the pleasant which is peculiar toTSUMUGI, It 's the popularity where the enthusiastic collector appears.
YUKATA The Yukata is Kimono in the summer which can be casually put on.
It ismade from cotton. It is convenient as the kimono of the house and therelaxation.


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