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Our "Kimono Takikawa" is very famous for our high quality merchandise.

Theyare second handed but almost new.

They cost 50-80% off from the regular price.

You can use then as

*theantique interior decoration on the wall
*a souvenir of Japan
*a partydress or nigh gown for yourself etc

  • WEDDING KIMONO \ 9,800~
  • YUKATA \ 1,500~
  • KIMONO \ 3,000~
  • OBI \ 2,000~

If you want to wear the Kimono in theformalway, our staff will teach you how to do that.

Tell us when you come to ourshop that you have visited our home page, and you will get a specialpresent from our shop.

Tank you for your visit ! See you soon,


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